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Article 1 - Use:

The Website is managed by the Company and is a portal site characterized by content posted by website users.

The Website focuses exclusively on adults. The User must meet the minimum age required by the legislation of the User country to use the Website. For Belgium, this age is set at 18 years. If you have not yet reached the age of 18 or object to the content of this website and/or the user of the offered website or service is located in a geographical area where access to the website or use of offered services is prohibited, please immediately discontinue the visit with the website.

 The User-consumer provider can create an account by going through the registration process.It is the total responsibility of the user or provider for keeping his/her user name and password 

The design of the Website is to bring Users into contact with each other. The Company expressly recommends taking the necessary precautions if offline contact with other Users follows. The Company itself does not arrange meetings and cannot guarantee the expectations raised and behavior of Users.

The User-consumer declares to have taken full note of the present terms of use and accepts its unshortened application. The User-consumer also declares to take note of the Company's Privacy and Cookie Statement and all other rights and obligations clearly mentioned on the Website.

User-consumer who uses the Website on behalf of another legal entity is also user, regardless of the possible existence of a separate contract between the Company and the legal entity concerned.

Article 2 - Registration:

To use the advertising spaces on the Website, the creation and registration of a user profile is mandatory by completing the registration form on the Website.

The User-consumer must proceed with the registration up-to-date, accurate, truthful and in honor and conscience. Duplicate user profiles are not allowed. The User may, of course, also not violate the legislation and/or harm the rights of third parties.

The Company points out, inter alia, that the application of name (Article 231 Code of Criminal Code), falsehood in informatics (Article 210 bis, §1 Penal Code), sexual assault of the honour and proper name (Article 443 and 453 bis Penal Code) and/or other forms of identity fraud are crimes and are therefore completely prohibited just as any other breach of the legislation. Among other things, the User is not allowed to place content on the Website which may be misleading, inappropriate and/or illegal.

The profile must not be transferred to a third party. Any breach of the personal and confidential nature of the profile must notify the User to the Company.

Only the User-consumer is responsible and liable for all operations set with the User's user profile. The Company does not carry out targeted checks on the registration of profiles. The Company reserves the right to take appropriate measures, if necessary, without prior warning and/or notification. The removal of a profile may be one of these measures and also the exclusion and removal in the future.

Article 3- Content:

The content must always be placed in the section provided for this purpose and in Dutch.

The Company provides the Website without warranty as to the relevance, reliability, accuracy of the content of the Website, both in terms of the content posted by the Company and by users./User-consumer The User-consumer declares that the Company may in no event be liable for any damage that the User may suffer as a result of (the content of) the website.

The company provides services to its users by offering advertisements placed by the user on vip-companions.eu. this content must always be placed in the appropriate section and in Dutch. the entrepreneur is expressly not involved in the (erotic) service as offered by the user on the website.the moment a user comes into contact with a provider creates a new agreement between the User-consumer and the provider. the entrepreneur does not facilitate sex against payment including escort/private /prostitution etc. 

User-consumer and / or providers can in no way hold the company liable for nuisance caused by work, problems, interventions, changes or limitations of functionality or other issues that affect the availability of the website or services of the company. User-consumer and providers are independent of the company and use the website to advertise (erotic) services. The company is not responsible for (erotic) services offered by User-consumer who are in violation of the law. In the event of suspected violation of the law, a user will immediately notify the company.The Website is provided by the Company without any guarantee as to the suitability, reliability or accuracy of the content of the Website, with regard to both the content posted by the Company and the User-consumer. The User-consumer declares that the Company can in no way be held liable for any damage that the User may suffer as a result of (the content of) the Website.

User-consumer are allowed to mention a website. These websites may only be their own. The website must be primarily an informative website, and may not contain links to reseller or affiliate accounts of any kind. Sites that are misleading or that link to a member section are not allowed. If the specified website is not of a good quality, is not intended to promote the services of the advertiser/User-consumer or contains pop ups/unders, it will not be permitted. In case of violation of these rules, the advertisement will be completely removed, or the url to which reference is made will not be shown, without giving a reason, and no fee will be charged.

Only phone numbers that have been verified will be shown.

Article 4- Ads:

Registered Users, User-consumer can place advertisements. The Company may modify the terms and conditions of its services at any time.

Advertisements that are contrary to these terms of use can always be removed. The company will first send you an email to remove your photos or profile, if no response, the company will remove the profile without prior warning and / or notice. The deletion of a user profile may also imply the deletion of advertisements placed. Finally, the advertiser can also request the removal of one or more of his advertisements. In none of the above cases does the advertiser have the right to a refund.

The User-consumer who places an order to advertise receives an order confirmation via e-mail. The User-consumer does not have a right of withdrawal after the placement of the advertisements as the advertisements are executed immediately and automatically after payment. Defects in performance on the part of the Company must be reported by the User in writing within seven days of the discovery of the defect. All prices are expressed in euros and include VAT and other taxes. Obvious price errors can also be corrected after the conclusion of the contract. The terms and conditions of use of the selected provider of the accepted electronic payment methods apply in full. The Company shall take all reasonable measures to ensure the security of online transactions.

The Website and/or the services may be modified, suspended or discontinued at any time without giving rise to compensation and/or compensation. If an invocation of this clause would result in the performance of a paid service in the service section, the advertiser has the right to terminate this service. The advertiser can only invoke this right if he informs the Company of this in writing, and this within fourteen days after the change of service and/or the Website.

Article 5 - Intellectual property rights:

The website Vip- C/ World Healers   and all its attachments are protected by intellectual property rights owned by the Company. The company attaches great importance to the privacy of users/User-consumer  and visitors of the website. Data of users or visitors will never be provided to third parties, except in the case of legal obligations. 

The User-consumer is not permitted to reproduce the Website and/or its content, to communicate it to the public and/or to perform any distribution act in this regard.

Every User-consumer  who adds content to the Website is responsible for the intellectual property rights vested in it. The texts, drawings, photographs images, data, databases, software, names, trade and domain names, brands, logos and other elements of this site are protected by intellectual rights and belong to the company or third parties. This website may contain hyperlinks to websites or to webpages of third parties and other parties, or refer to them in any other way. The  company has no control over the content or other characteristics of these websites or web-pages and is in no way liable for the content or characteristics of these websites or webpages. The placing of links by the entrepreneur in no way implies an implicit approval of the content of these websites or web pages.The User-consumer undertakes not to in any way infringe the intellectual property rights of any other party or third party. By placing content on the Website, the User-consumer provides the Company with a perpetual, free, transferable license to use, reproduce, process and communicate it to third parties to the extent necessary to provide the website services. That license shall apply to all possible intellectual rights that may be involved. Infringements committed by a User /User-consumer can never involve the liability and/or responsibility of the Company.

Article 6 - References and links:

On de Website, references and/or links can be displayed. These are to click and visit the User's /User-consumer sole risk and responsibility. The presence of the references and/or links on the Website will never allow the Company's agreement to be inferred with the content of the websites concerned.

It is only allowed to build links to the Website if they lead to the homepage of the Website. Other ways of referring or linking are only permitted provided that the Company's prior written agreement.

Article 7 - Liability:

The Website and the associated services are offered without any guarantee.

Although the Company has intended to take all measures on the proper functioning, reliability, safety, and accessibility of the Website, either use the Website at the user's/User-consumer   own risk and responsibility. In this context, the Company merely establishes a commitment to resources and does not make a commitment to results.

The Company is only liable for any heavy or repeated minor contractual default and is limited to the direct damage seen from the deficiencies they are. This damage can never exceed the value of the services performed, with an absolute maximum of 100 euros.

The Company shall not be liable for any indirect damage. Indirect damage, in any case, includes any form of consequential damage, lost profits, financial and/or commercial losses, increasing overall costs, increased staff costs, damage caused by loss of clients and/or possibilities, emotional damage, etc. The enumeration is only indicative and not limitation/exhaustive.

Where the Company acts in accordance with the present use for values and the company's privacy and cookie statement, the Company will not take liability in any case.

Every liability as a result of the conduct or omissions of Users is excluded. the use of the Company's liability is obliged to take all necessary measures to safeguard the Company from any possible damage that the Company may incur.

The liability of the Company may never be involved as a result of cases of force majeure, namely any sudden, unforeseen event independent of the will of the parties which makes the execution of the Company's commitments impossible. The Company is entitled in this respect to suspending its obligations with regard to the User during the duration of force majeure. Defects on information and communication technologies may also fall within the definition of force majeure, e.g. failures to the server's, insufficient communication infrastructure, inadequate software, and custom hardware. This enumeration is only indicative and not limitation/exhaustive.

Article 8 – Nullity, invalidity, unenforceability and/or contradiction:

If one or more terms of the terms of use were void, invalid or unenforceable, this does not affect the validity and enforceability of the other terms of these terms.

Both the Company and the User undertake to replace such annulled, invalid or unenforceable clause by mutual agreement with a valid term approaching the scope of the original term as much as possible. Uncertainties about the explanation or content of one or more provisions of the conditions should be explained to the spirit of the conditions. Situations not regulated in the terms and conditions should be assessed according to the spirit of the conditions they are. In the event of any contradiction between the different language versions of the terms of use, the Dutch text prevails.

Article 9 – Applicable law and competent court:

All agreements between the Company, on the one hand and the User-consumer and/or advertiser on the other hand, their creation, interpretation, execution, termination, and consequences are exclusively subject to Belgian law. The present terms of use are also governed and interpreted exclusively in accordance with the Belgian policy.

In the event of any dispute, the parties shall make every effort to reach an amicable solution. The courts of the judicial decisions of East Flanders are competent in the event of a dispute and/or dispute.

Right of withdrawal

 The user / User-consumer does not have the right to inform the company that he is cancelling the purchase. The placement of an advertisement or service takes place quite immediately. The right of withdrawal does not apply. 

Article 10 - Definitions:

These terms of use mean:

- under 'Website': the website www.vip-companions.eu.
- under 'Company': the entrepreneur Verschelde with address to the 's Gravendreef 1 in 9810 Nazareth Belgium and registered under enterprise number 0869.875.115 and VAT number BE0869.875.115.
- under 'User': every visitor and/or user of the Website.
- under 'User consumer': any User who uses the paying service for purposes outside the business or professional activity.